【Sesonal Dinner Menu Course – May】

From May 2nd (Thursday) onwards, limited to 6 guests per day.

◆Price ¥10,000 (tax included)

◆Sample Menu

Cherry Chicken Liver Pate and Prosciutto Carrot Pound Cake Pickled Cherries

Spring Cabbage Potage

[Firewood Grill]
Tsugaru Duck Grilled Over Firewood with Fermented Mushrooms and Soybean Paste

Seared Scallop and Fuzimaru with Spinach Salsa Verde

[Cold Dish]
Mountain Carrot and Amadokoro Ohitashi with Fuki Bud Miso

[May Firewood Cuisine]
Yamagata Beef and Bamboo Shoots Grilled Over Firewood with Fermented Tomato and Mountain Delicacies

SHOTOEN Beef Curry

Classic Chocolate with Raspberry Sauce
Matcha and Peanut Butter Cookies
SHOTOEN Original Herb Tea


*Menu subject to change based on seasonal availability,
offering a delightful surprise with each visit.


【monthly menu】

*Menu subject to slight daily variations based on ingredient availability. The provided listing is simply an example.


Seasonal Kombucha with Pre-appetizer
Grilled Daikon with Jabara Miso Sauce
Strawberry with Honey

Charcoal Grill:
Yamagata Pork, Locally Raised
Grilled Tamago Onion with Ginger Sauce

Healthy Vegetable Plate:
Tsuya Hime Rice, Cabbage Hummus
Beets with Cashew Nuts
Cauliflower with Basil
Colorful Carrot Rp
Sauted Gogon May Greens

Suiou Takikomi Rice (rice dish cooked with various ingredients)

Root Vegetable and Mushroom Sambal Curry

Apricot Jasmine Cheesecake
Warm Herb Tea


*The above menu is an example of the 2,500 yen lunch course and may vary depending on the season.



Cherry Chicken Liver Pate
Salmon Marinade
Cabbage Mushroom Potage
Grilled Akita Duck
Grilled Daikon Radish
Zao Wagyu Beef Grilled over Charcoal
Beef Curry with Saffron and Turmeric
Strawberry Chocolate Dessert
Winter Seasonal Tea and Warm Herb Tea


*The above menu is an example of the 6,600 yen dinner course and may vary depending on the season.
We also offer an 8,800 yen course. For more details, please inquire.

We use seasonal ingredients and our menu changes depending on the day of your visit.

a la carte menu

[Cold Appetizers]
Seasonal Vegetable 358 Pickles 500 yen
Paneer and Honey 500 yen
Arcoana Farm Carrotte Râpées 600 yen
Cherry Chicken Liver Pate 700 yen
Salmon Marinade, Soy Milk Yogurt Sauce 800 yen
Soybean Hummus 600 yen
Boat-shaped Mushroom and Kale Salad 1000 yen
Shonai Pork, House-made Boiled Ham 1000 yen

Warm Appetizers]
Ohisama Farm Roast of Colorful Carrots 1200 yen
Tuscan Fried Potatoes, House-made Tomato Ketchup 900 yen
Cauliflower Baji – Nanohana Salsa Verde 800 yen
“Blood of the Field” Beet Roast 1000 yen

Seasonal Soup]
Ohisama Farm Cabbage and Fermented Mushroom Potage Soup 600 yen

Wood-fire Grilled]
Yonezawa Pork, Grilled Shoulder Loin (200g) 1600 yen

Grilled Shonai Duck (150g) 2100 yen

Wood-fire Grilled Yamagata Beef
   *Shikinbo (200g) 3500 yen
Wood-fire Grilled Zao Wagyu Beef
 * Kameno (200g) 2500 yen
* Tomosankaku (200g) 3000 yen

Beef Curry 1200 yen
Wood-fire Rice Ball, Sambal Curry 900 yen

Taro Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream 700 yen

The portion sizes are for 2-3 people per item.


wine selection

Wine Pairing

At SHOTOEN, we offer a wine pairing course to complement our dinner courses. Our wines, carefully selected from both traditional and innovative wineries globally, are chosen to create a harmonious blend with our dishes.

Our food, rich in local ingredients and spices, is cooked over a wood fire, and we thoughtfully select wines that match this unique aroma.

Wine pairing course: 6,000 yen.


At SHOTOEN, we proudly showcase a curated collection of wines sourced primarily from Yamagata’s esteemed wineries.
On this occasion
, we are serving new releases by the glass from two outstanding labels: Takeda Winery and Grape Republic.

*We also have a comprehensive wine list.
*Our wine selection is subject to change, and we appreciate your understanding.

【Wine (120ml)】

Sparkling Wine
Takeda Winery / Sansful Rose 2021 – ¥770
Grape Republic / Della Fresca 2022 – ¥880

White Wine
Takeda Winery / Blanc de Noir Oak Aged 2022 – ¥880
Grape Republic / Anfora Bianco 2022 – ¥990

Red Wine
Takeda Winery / Rouge Oak Aged 2020 – ¥880
Grape Republic / Novello 2022 – ¥770
Grape Republic / Anfora Rosso 2022 – ¥990

Craft Cocktail
Hojicha Gin Tonic – ¥880
Homegrown Mint Mojito – ¥880

【Sake (120ml)】
Takagi Brewery / Asahi Taka – ¥880

【Whiskey (60ml)】
White Horse 12 Years – ¥660
Monkey Shoulder – ¥880
Kavalan Distillery Select №1 – ¥990
Amahagan Edition №1 – ¥1,100

【Shochu (60ml)】
Mellowed Kozuru Kanosuke Cask Finish – ¥880

【Craft Beer】
Tendo Brewery
Cherry & Buckwheat – ¥1,100

【Non-Alcoholic Craft Cocktails】
Lemon – ¥800
Strawberry & Rose – ¥800
Ginger – ¥800
Cola – ¥800

【Soft Drinks】
Cherry – ¥600
Orange Juice – ¥500
Apple Juice – ¥500
Grapefruit Juice – ¥500
Oolong Tea – ¥500

Original Herbal Tea – ¥660
Original Coffee (YUKIHIRA) – ¥660